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CDA & ADA COVID19 Guidelines:

Updated CDA & ADA Guidelines For Boulevard Dental


Our office will be opening to see regularly scheduled visits on 05/29/2020 for low-risk patients, as directed by the NJ Dental Board and Dept. of Health.

The following are some new protocols we are implementing to minimize risk:

  • All patients should stay in their cars and call the office upon arrival
  • Upon entering the office, a staff member will complete a temperature check (please avoid taking Motrin or Tylenol prior to your appointments as it will make your temperature readings inaccurate, Patients with a temperature of 100.4 ℉ will be re-scheduled)
  • Only the patient will be allowed in the office
  • Patients will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entering the office. Hand sanitizer is available on the counter in the waiting room
  • Please bring your own pen so you can update your information as needed
  • Patients will be given an antibacterial pre-rinse prior to starting any procedures

What are we doing (extra) to keep our patients and their families and our team safe:

  • We are always wearing a mask
  • When entering operatory we will only be using every other chair
  • For any procedure that will involve an aerosol, we will wear a level 3, N95 with a level 1 or 2 over it as well as a face shield and a disposable gown
  • Temperature of all employees will be taken when they arrive
  • Pre-screening questions will be asked to the staff during our morning meetings
  • All administration team members will be wearing a mask and gloves
  • All light switches, door knobs and work-stations will be wiped at the beginning of the day, middle of day and at the end of the day

We ask that you help us by following our guidelines for the office for your safety as well as our staff.

With some insurance plans there may be a $15 co-pay for Covid 19 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Unfortunately, this virus is not going anywhere soon, however, we have always used universal precautions and will continue to do so. We are excited to see everyone soon. Please remain safe!


Best Regards,

Dr. Porro and Staff